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300: The Complete Experience is a special edition home media release of the film, 300, featuring two hours of bonus footage not available on the standard discs and packaged in a 40-page book. The Complete Experience is contained on a single blu-ray disc with a digital copy disc adhered to the back of the book. The digital copy can easily be peeled off without damaging the book. The book explains the new digital features on the first few pages, then covers the development of the original comics by Frank Miller as well as some of the development of the film and details about its cast and crew.

Book summary[]

Immerse Yourself in 300 (p.2)
The details of the new features are described.
Creating a Legend (p.6)
This section provides a professional biography of Frank Miller, leading into his inspiration for telling the story of 300.
Bringing the Legend to Life (p.14)
The History Behind the Myth (p.20)
Zack Snyder (p.28)
A brief professional biography of Zack Snyder, mentioning his recent and upcoming projects at the time, notably including Army of the Dead, which didn't go into production for a decade after the book was released, The Last Photograph (later called Horse Latitudes), which was pushed back several times in favor of other projects and never went into production, and The Illustrated Man, which also never went into production.
Gerard Butler (p.32)
Lena Headey (p.34)
David Wenham (p.36)
Dominic West (p.38)
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Blu-ray summary[]

The Complete 300
A Comprehensive Immersion
The first Blu-ray experience of its kind, the viewer may choose one of three paths to watch the movie in a different way. Additional information shows up while watching the movie depending on with path is selected.
Creating a Legend: Path 1 explains how Frank Miller created the mythology from thehistorical event for his graphic novel and how Zack Snyder brought the story to life on film.
Bringing the Legend to Life: Path 2 covers the film techniques, both classic and modern, used to depict the world of 300.
The History Behind the Myth: Path 3 details the similarities and differences between the graphic novel/film and the real world history of Spartan culture and the Battle of Thermopylae.
Bluescreen Picture-in-Picture
Director Zack Snyder compares the pre-CGI-enhanced version to the finished film.
300 Spartans - Fact or Fiction?
Preparing for Battle: The Original Test Footage
Who were the Spartans?
Frank Miller Tapes
Miller's vision realized on film.
Behind-the-scenes peeks on the set of 300.
Additional Scenes
Audio Commentary by Director Zack Snyder
Additional Features via Warner Bros. BD-Live
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