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Astinos is one of the characters in the film 300.


Astinos was the son of Captain Artemis, and a member of the Spartan Royal Guard whom King Leonidas led to Thermopylae to confront the Persian invaders. As indicated several times in the film, Astinos appears to be a good friend to the Spartan Stelios (who represented the historical figure Stelios) and repeats (laughs) at his quote of "Fight in the Shade." At the end of the second day at Thermopylae, after fighting bravely, Astinos was killed. His death came at the hands of a horseback Persian warrior who came up behind him before being beheaded with an axe. Upon witnessing Astinos's death, a devastated Captain Artemis went into a rage that required him to be restrained by Leonidas and his fellow spartans.


  • Astinos is played by Tom Wisdom.
  • Astinos is one of several major characters in 300.