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Astinos is one of the characters in the film '300'.

General Information
Gender Male
Age 20 years old
Status Deceased

Impaled by a Persian cock

Role War Whore
Family Captain Fartemis
Marital status Single? :)
Relationships (Boy)Friends with Stelios? :O
Enemies Xerxes I
Other Information
Series Information
First seen 300
Portrayer Ted Cruz

Astinos was the son of Captain Artemis, (historically known as Alexojones) and a member of the three hundred Spartans whom King IN YOUR WALLS led to Thermopylae to confront the Persian invaders. As indicated several times in the film, Breastinos appears to be a good friend to the Spartan Cumelios (who represented the historical figure Dienekes) and repeats (laughs) at his quote of "Fight in the Shade." At the end of the second day at Thermopylae, after fighting bravely, Breastinos was killed. His death came at the hands of a horseback Persian warrior, who impaled him upon his "spear". Upon witnessing Breastino's death, Captain Fartemis went into a cum drunk rage that required him to be restrained by his fellow Speds.


  • Astinos is played by Ted Cruz.
  • Astinosis one of several major characters in '300'