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Achaemenid flag

The banner of the Achaemenid Dynasty.

Persia was a large empire in Asia, located east of Greece. It was ruled by Xerxes as its god-king, waging brutal wars of conquest.


The previous king of Persia, Darius, waged a war against Greece to subjugate its city-states, but his army was defeated by Themistocles, and he was gravely wounded. His son, Xerxes, mourned for his father for several days, listening to his father's warning that "only the gods can defeat Greece". Artemisia, one of Darius's commanders, distorted his warning into "you will become a god-king", driving Xerxes to wander into a cave of mystics to become a self-claimed god.

Under the manipulation of Artemisia, Xerxes waged war against Greece. Yet his armies were held back by Leonidas' army of Spartans, and then repelled by a combined army from the other city-states. Artemisia also fought against the Greeks, and was killed in battle, abandoned by Xerxes.


The Persian army's greatest warriors were the inhuman Immortals.

It utilises human waves made of thousands of infantry, backed by archers and animals such as rhinoceroses and elephants.

Many of the Persian soldiers are of foreign origin, including one tribe of masked soldiers from Asia that used grenades against the Spartans.

The Persian army also used grotesque men, possibly bred or mutilated as deadlier warriors, such as the Uber Immortal and the Executioner.

Sometimes, before the Persian army invades another country, it demands the target to offer a tribute of earth and water. If the offer is refused, a messenger may present the cut heads of dead enemy kings to threaten the target's rulers. Those who do submit to Persian rule are instead rewarded with luxuries.


The Persian Empire of the 300 series is a despotic, theocratic monarchy, where its king is worshipped as a god.

It supposedly covers a vast area stretching from Anatolia (Turkey) to Asia and possibly Africa. People in those far-flung parts were brought to the Persian military as slaves.

One Persian messenger threatened some Greeks who stopped his group: "A thousand nations shall descend upon you". It could be possible that the Persian Empire of 300 might be bigger than the Achaemenid Dynasty of history, hence it possibly being made of a thousand divisions, including Persia itself; or he might be exaggerating.


The society of the Persian Empire appears to be very decadent and neglectful.

Slavery was a major instrument of social order in Xerxes' empire.

Xerxes crowd

Xerxes addressing his subjects.