The Persian Messenger was a man who served as the voice of Xerxes I of Persia. He was a well-spoken individual who was sent ahead of the Persian armies to seek peaceful submission to the rule of his master. His tongue, however, got the best of him during his brief summit with Leonidas I of Sparta, who took offense to the Messenger's claim that his decision to accept or deny submission would be his last as king. The King drew his blade upon the Persian, drawing a fierce verbal rebuke claiming madness.

Calmly at first, Leonidas listed the offenses that the Messenger had committed in his short time behind the capital's walls. Having sought approval from his wife, the Spartan king kicked the Messenger into the seemingly bottomless pit behind the Persian, sending him screaming to his death in the void below.

It was later revealed in Rise of an Empire that the Messenger discovered Artemisia and assisted in raising her as a servant of Xerxes and an instrument of his will. What this means in regards to the Messenger's position within the rank and structure of the Persian Empire remains a mystery, although it infers that he held a higher position than mere errand boy, and perhaps had Xerxes' ear on matters of state and military action.he is famous for the THIS IS SPARTA! Meme which the king says before kicking him into the hole

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