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Pleistarchos is one of the characters in the film 300, played by Giovani Cimmino. Cimmino retired from acting by the time 300: Rise of an Empire went into production, and as a result he didn't show up in the film. He is a prince of Sparta, the 10 year old son of King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo. Leonidas is shown to aggressively train his young son in sword combat in preparation for Spartan manhood.


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Deleted scenes[]

In the original draft for script of the movie, Pleistarchos has a slightly larger role than in the finished movie. A prophecy says that Pleistarchos will father a child during his 10th year. Following the death of Leonidas in battle against the army of Xerxes, Gorgo learns from servants that her son is able to ejaculate, despite his young age. Pleistarchos arrogantly tells his mother that he will "fill a dozen Spartan women's bellies with his seed" and surpass his father in ruling Sparta. Gorgo refutes her son and has herself declared the acting ruler of Sparta.