Theron is one of the characters in the movie 300. He betrayed his compatriots for the treasure of Xerxes. He was played by actor Dominic West.

In the movie 300, he is shown to stand aside King Leonidas and the Persian Messanger. When King Leonidas had the Persians executed by pushing them into a bottomless pit, he is shown with a sour face as he stalks off. Later, after Queen Gorgo wanted the council to send support Leonidas, Theron shows her that he'd betrayed Sparta by sexually assaulting her and forces her to take back reinforcement statement. Afterwards, during a council meeting, he speaks up to Gorgo and accuses her of adultery (cheating bascially). As the guards restrain her, she unsheathes one of the guard's sword and kills him. A pouch of "Persian" money falls from his pouch, meaning he betrayed Sparta to Xerxes.

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