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Theron is one of the characters in the movie 300. He betrayed his compatriots for the treasure of Xerxes. He was played by actor Dominic West.


Theron stood beside King Leonidas and the Persian Messenger. When Leonidas had the Persians executed by pushing them into a bottomless pit, he soured face as he stalked off. Later, after Queen Gorgo requested that the council send support to Leonidas, Theron showed her that he'd betrayed Sparta by sexually assaulting her and forced her to take back the request for reinforcements. Afterwards, during a council meeting, he spoke up to Gorgo and accused her of adultery. As the guards restrained her, she unsheathed one of their swords and killed its owner. A pouch of Persian money fell, revealing its contents and confirming that he had betrayed Sparta to Xerxes.[1]

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